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BuiltHive helps you thrive in the built environment industry by matching you to progressive work opportunities.

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How we Hive

Every talent has unique skills, experience and background. We want you to share that information with us so we can get to know you.

  • Get started with our simple profile form
  • Include your resume credential and project examples, if applicable
  • Then engage via collaborative connection.

This is where the learning begins. We learn about you, your career strategy or acceleration needs, unique skills, expertise, and differentiating super powers.

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How to leverage BuiltHive

There are 3 categories we focus in

  • Full Time employment search
  • Project Based Gig assigned
  • Professional Development
    • Coaching
    • Mentoring
    • Professional Development Workshops/Webinars
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Coaching, Mentoring & Training 

As part of the Builthive community, we encourage you to grow, create new opportunities, and enhance your career. We offer coaching, mentoring and training to get you to where you want to go.

Builthive empowers you to define and lead your own success story, whether as a skilled project based expert or a full time employed team member.

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“There are people you keep in your little black book, and Melissa is definitely in mine! Connecting with her was one of the best career experiences I’ve had. I really appreciated her professional encouragement to stretch my career and connect me with the right company. Her insights, availability and candor helped tremendously. I highly recommend working with Melissa & will treasure this relationship.”

Kira Cowan, architectural product sales leader

“Engaging Melissa in my job hunt was a career (and life) changing experience for me. Her thoughtful expertise connected me with the perfect position, at the perfect company, setting me up for great success.”

Ms. Reed Peppard, Head of Architecture+Design, Business Development at Peoplespace Los Angeles, CA

Frequently-Asked Questions

What is a Collaborative Coaching or Transition Mentor session?2020-05-05T02:42:11+00:00

BuiltHive starts by getting to know what is important to you to determine how best to leverage your expertise, skills, and leadership.  We get to your focus and objectives with discovery, not interviews.  This gives you, the talent, a chance to have a discussion regarding your career journey rather than simply regurgitating your resume and complete work history.  Share your story, your focus, and your professional objectives to reveal the perfect fit.

Do you post active positions on

We don’t. Things move too quickly. Unlike sites like job boards we focus on matching skills with client projects. Your first step is to complete your profile then we will reach out to ensure there is clarity on skills and project interests. We will contact you whenever we find specific alignment for you, yet you’re welcome to contact us at anytime. We do post opportunities and spotlight talent on social, so follow us for real-time visibility to active needs.

Who are your clients and what kind of work do you place?2020-05-05T02:10:51+00:00

We work with companies and people who create the Built Environment including commercial real estate and interiors, architecture and design, project and product management, workplace strategy and facilities, architectural and interior products. From global enterprises to innovative mid-market companies and startups, our talent alignment is based on our client’s needs ranging from brief, multi-month strategy projects to complex multi-year assignments and direct hires. Check out About Us to learn more about our roles in design, workplace strategy, sales, account management, communications, and business operations opportunities.

I’ve created my profile application to join the Hive. What happens next?2020-05-05T02:15:31+00:00

Terrific. We are thrilled to get to know you.  Let’s start with a collaborative discovery call.  Contact us directly or respond to the email requesting a meeting date.  Please understand we receive several inquiries for project and direct hire opportunities.  We commit that we will reach out directly when a project aligns with your specific skills and experience or if there is direct hire need which aligns with your stated career objectives.

I’m trying to wrap my head around project-based work. What happens when a project ends and what does it mean for compensation?2020-05-05T02:24:03+00:00

We coach our clients to turn business goals into discrete projects, which range from 3 to 24-month gigs.  As your project nears completion, our team (your coaches) will focus on finding you your next opportunity, whether as an extension to your existing project, or a new role with a different client.  Our job is to work for you, the talent, matching your skills with the needs of our various clients.