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What’s the favorite part of your work? Do you want to make a change? Are you new to the work world? BuilthHive wants you to empower yourself and create your own opportunities. This community of built environment professionals will support you. Working with our affiliates, and our internal team, we offer mentoring, coaching, training and networking opportunities that will help you empower yourself and grow.

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Professional Mentoring

One in five new hires don’t last past their first year on the job (HBR) – often due to lack of connection and direction in their new role.

BuiltHive solves this by developing tailored mentorship programs for new hires, or hiring leaders. Partnering with highly respected mentoring companies, we provide structured solutions including customized career strategy, transition plans, group mentoring, and career acceleration mentorship.



Need help deciding what’s next? We can help you at any level of your career. BuiltHives extended team can support your  professional development and career acceleration. It all starts with you. Our team will provide tools to help get focused and intentional about your next step. Whether full-time, gig or just looking to make a change, BuiltHive can help you define your purpose.

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Our Community Workshops

BuiltHive partners with various groups to conduct community workshops which connect people in this industry. Our customized workshops equip and enable talent at any phase of professional development to leverage their skills and experience and take charge of their next career step.

Builthive workshop topics

  • Networking Bootcamp. Learn how to make connections and build relationships with industry leaders, stakeholders and influencers. Create a plan. Work the plan.

  • Personal Branding. Move beyond just creating a social media profile and understand how to tell your EPIC story. Resume level up, Interview prep, Presentation and Negotiation skills, Sell You.

  • Today’s GIG economy. Discover the benefits of utilizing or becoming a deployed skilled project resource. Learn how to hire or get hired, and achieve your goals.


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