The Leadership Circle Series

Session 1 – Stand Out in WFH Job Search vs Boiling the Ocean


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This session defines what it means to get prepared, get focused, define your differentiators and drivers, and ask yourself what you are truly looking for in your next position. We answer questions around – is this the right time to transition? How do I get started? How do I get organized in my search? Should I have a coach or mentor? How do I engage with recruiters and the (4) distinct types of recruitment? And what about resumes and cover letters? Are there new rules? How do you network in these virtual times?


Session 2 – Nailing the Virtual Interview – Do Your Homework


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This session discusses what it means to genuinely prepare and do the deep dive homework to nail the virtual interview. Additionally, we share how to best present yourself by defining your key differentiators, bridge your skills + experience to the position you want, and how to “flip the script” when interviewing. Also, we give tips for video interviews, personal branding via social media, and more on virtual and in person networking.


Session 3 – Negotiating the Offer & Gig Workstyle Explained


In this session we discuss key negotiation components and get your value.We share compensation expectations based on skills and experience and how compensation metrics shifted as a result of the Pandemic.  We also outline the differences between GIG project based work and full-time employment opportunities plus we’ll share a few steps to getting started in the GIG economy finding project based work.


Look for more sessions being announced by the end of November!