Does Builthive help match companies with resources for all type of positions?

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Our focused expertise is in sales and design leadership, business development, marketing and project management within the built environment. This includes commercial interiors, real estate, architecture & design and architectural products. We focus on disciplines we know well from our own field experience leading and working side by side with the end users, stakeholders and influencers.

What is the advantage of working with builthive vs. a local staffing agency, recruiter or “headhunter?” How are you different?

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Builthive is highly specialized and focused on the built environment; we understand the cross-functional sectors that collaborate to create buildings and spaces within them. We help our clients with talent- on-demand for projects when they require the additional resources. We are familiar with the growing community of independent contract resources and their agility to facilitate projects from any location vs restricting design, marketing, or project management talent to a singe location or geography. This allows our clients to serve their clients more efficiently. Mentorship and coaching is embedded in our process. The talent resource matters to us and we dig deeper to find the connections that match their [...]

Why should a company consider hiring a contingent talent or FTE talent consultant as a workforce solution?

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Projects often require on-demand resources with specific expertise in design, marketing or project management. Deployed resources bring fresh, unexpected perspective to a project team, including technical skills or industry experience not otherwise available to the team. Identifying diverse talent can be challenging through job boards. Talent bench building. Every organization should build and maintain a talent bench.  Yet few have time, resources, or capacity to manage internally.

What type of services does Builthive provide?

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Talent development consulting – recruitment process management Contingent workforce management – deployed contract resources in design, project management, AEC | CRE marketing Sales leadership mentor programs Business development strategic planning Individual career collaboration and strategic planning Pre-boarding for new hires