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Unexpected Talent

BuiltHive connects your business to a community of skilled professionals. We identify unexpected talent, fresh perspectives, and innovative thinkers from aligned sectors or disciplines not considered before.

Hire Talent

Who are the Built Environment “skilled professionals”? 

BuiltHive defines skilled talent prepared for full-time or project based Gig employees as experts in the following disciplines.

Interior Design |  Technical Design | Prop Tech| Interior Architecture | Project and Facilities Management | Specification+BIM specialists | AEC+Design Marketing | Product Marketing | Market Research |  Workplace Strategists |  WELL Specialist | LEED Certified | Specialized Software Experts

Meeting your Goals

Builthive understands the importance of a cultural fit, and manages our vetting process to ensure the talent not only qualifies to our standards but will exceed your hiring goals.

Collaborative Hire Process

Our process is simple. Our connection is collaborative.

We work with you through this process by helping you:

  • Outline your talent needs – Full time or project based
  • Define and develop the position Scope of Work
  • Outline the SOW deliverables if a project based hire
  • Select talent and deliver assessments
  • Schedule Interviews and conduct surveys
  • Prepare and Negotiate OE
  • Support Pre-Hire Launch Planning
  • Administer Post Hire Success Surveys
  • Develop Coaching/Mentoring Plans
Work with Us

FTEs | Build your team

As companies pivot, it’s important to recruit essential, full time employed staff to manage and foster the future of your business. We thoughtfully identify hard-to-find talent – often unexpected expertise – positioned to drive growth and strategic transformation of your business.

Gig Employees| Build your team

What makes BuiltHives Gig talent network valuable is the precision to which we align specific skills to your project needs. We connect well defined Scope of Work plans with well defined subject matter experts.

“Working with Melissa and her team is a high caliber experience! I am always impressed with their strategic solutions, rich connections, and hunger to collaborate. Our valuable and enjoyable interactions have me intentionally looking for opportunities to partner with Melissa again!”

Ann Tardy, President, MentorLead

Frequently-Asked Questions

Will builthive help to onboard a new full-time employee?2020-03-09T16:25:05+00:00

Builthive actually ensures new hires arrive for their new position prepared. We refer to this as PRE-boarding.  All full time employees come prepared with a plan to perform in their new role.

Is it possible to transition a GIG professional to full-time employee (FTE)?2020-03-09T16:19:40+00:00


What responsibilities does builthive have for the GIG professional placed on site?2020-03-09T16:13:30+00:00

We manage the deployed resource and follow protocols for performance metrics as outlined by our clients.

How does Builthive match the right talent to our specific needs? How do you verify talent quality?2020-03-09T16:11:35+00:00

We conduct talent resource screening and profile development based on your specific project criteria to match  skilled and capable candidates  to  client project needs.