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More on Networking

More on Networking Leverage a few of these simple ways to be intentional in interactions, offer real benefit to others, and build a strong “relationship” centric network. ASK QUESTIONS > Be Authentically Interested. Versus thinking about selling you, focus on getting to know the other person and building an authentic relationship. Show genuine curiosity in the person you are talking to and ask thoughtful, open-ended questions (vs yes and no).  It’s natural to find disclosing information about ourselves rewarding. Asking someone to share about themself or soliciting their opinion, you stimulate activity in the areas of the brain associated with reward and pleasure. Simple [...]

Connections and Networks

Connections and Networks In today’s connected world, we are all in the networking business. Every day we engage with new and existing connections across diverse networks and industry sectors.  The challenge is, how can we best leverage these relationships for mutual benefit?  For every professional it is crucial to nurture existing connections while cultivating new networks. We suggest treating your professional networks and connections like a perpetually emerging team. New connections join while others transition out. Each team member brings a new perspective, adds contacts and creates change. A new line-up brings with it an opportunity to innovate, collaborate and score new ideas to [...]

The GIG Economy is Impacting the Built Environment

The GIG Economy is Impacting the Built Environment The emerging gig economy is transforming the way project teams work and it’s here to stay.  Often referred to as contract staffing, temporary resources or simply consulting, the gig economy (borrowing its name from the music industry’s nickname for an engagement) is the project-based employment model in which independent talent is in control of their work style, schedule and capacity. Over the years, we’ve often admired the ways in which the commercial real estate and interiors sector deployed project-specific resources for their precise expertise, knowledge and credentials. These individuals offer unique skills to a project and easily [...]

Career Acceleration And You

Three Strategies to Ensure Career Acceleration is On-Track. Ownership. The first step to your career acceleration and future success is ensuring you know who is in charge.  That person is you.  It’s essential to remember and embrace that you are in the driver’s seat at all times.   So, acceleration and the gear you choose to move is under your control. You decide who you work for, the roles you want, where you prefer to work, the structure you are comfortable with and the duration of your employment. This includes key components such as flexibility in location, work hours and type of role [...]